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Maintenance (O3 ZoNe) Plans

AC units require maintenance in order to perform at their optimum and last longer. Thorough maintenance and cleaning will not only maintain your unit’s peak efficiency and low operating costs but will also improve the air quality surrounding you, increase the life of your unit, and reduce downtime.

All of this is included in the O3 ZoNe AC maintenance plans, along with 24/7/365 coverage for maintenance, sudden breakdowns, and routine upkeep.

Check out our O3 ZoNe Maintenance Plans below ↓

Our O3 ZoNe Maintenance Plans are designed to match your type of AC, space, needs, and budget. Hence, our qualified team of specialists will maintain it carefully and ensure that it operates at its peak performance regardless of the type of AC system you have installed or the application.

*Terms and. conditions apply.

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